The main characteristics are the small overall dimensions, easy use and maintenance, for example the abrasive changing thanks to the large tool access area at the rear of the machine.

The feed belt is guided on precision machined steel plates which are 12 mm. thick. All the protective guards are made of stainless steel.
The machine is equipped with an in/out and up/down adjustable calibrator which has a 5,5 HP motor. The standard version has 5 frontal polishing heads and 2 chamfer units. (4 in the FLOTTER 540). All polishing heads and chamfer units have independent regulation of the air pressure. It is also fitted with a 5,5Hp universal saw for upper, lower and inclined cutting. The FLOTTER 520 is equipped with an easy use computer which controls all the spindles in all manufacturing operations like partial polishing, the on/off regulation of the polishing heads, the worked hours, the automatic polishing of irregular shape like winding staircase and many other possibilities.
FLOTTER 520 has a standard support bar with manual adjustment up to max 600 mm. to support the working of slabs with different dimensions.
The FLOTTER has in the lower side of the machine a hot galvanized lower tank for water drainage and two roller tables 1000 mm. each to support the slabs when working.

  • Front spindles
  • Bevelling spindles
  • Min/Max working thickness
  • Feed speed (conveyor belt)
  • Water consumption
  • Max Power required
  • Overall dimensions
  • Machine weight
  • Diameter of the calibration wheel
  • Diameter of the disc/wheel for grooving/cutting
  • n.
  • n.
  • mm
  • mm/min.
  • l/min.
  • kW
  • mm
  • kg
  • mm
  • mm
  • 5
  • 2/4
  • 10-60
  • 10/2300
  • 60
  • 20
  • 3750 x 1800 x 2000
  • 2700
  • 200/250
  • 300