The multiple-head edge-polishing machine, “TAURUS 02”, is a fully automatic and easy-to-operate machine which facilitates the manufacturing of kitchen countertops lo staircases, thanks lo its extreme versatility. “TAURUS 02” has been tested in our factory by undergoing a complete field test of different processes and programs for various profiles and manufacturing cycles.

Made of hard, durable steel the “TAURUS 02” has a strong structure that, after being precisely gauged in ali its parts, is electro-welded, assembled, sandblasted and protected by special systems of painting. The edge-polishing machine “TAURUS 02” is delivered by ali protections conforming the regulations.
Main characteristics:
Precutting unit with automatic adjustment, provided with special long-lasting cutting blades. A 4 kW calibrating unit and/or horizontal continuous kerf cuts on edge of slabs (option: kerf slit-cuts for slab work reinforcements on walls and floors). Fiat profiling wheel with automatic adjustment (option: programmed stop for profiling wheel for kitchen counter-tops). Six-unit bridge of spindles with self-centring system (one profiling wheel and five polishing heads). Main water supply delivered from the center of every spindle and further water supply located above bridge unit. “Floating-system” for granite polishing on fiat and inclined edges. Unit for chamfering and polishing the bevels (two lower and two upper units). 4 kW cutting unit for different purposes able lo cut back-splashes; lower, upper and inclined cutting (option: precision cuts for reinforcement bars). The conveyor belt slides on 12 mm. stainless steel gauging plates and il is guided on its lower side by a double self-greasing patented belt which allows the processing of various operations without opposing bar. Ali protections and main electric panel casing are made of stainless steel. Ali moving parts of the machine are greased by an automatic self acting greasing unit. “PLC by ALLEN BRADLEY” which controls every spindle in ali manufacturing operations, for example: partial polishing of the edge; diameter selection of the abrasive and possibility of polishing irregular shapes.

  • Front spindles
  • Bevelling spindles
  • Min/Max working thickness
  • Feed speed (conveyor belt)
  • Water consumption
  • Max Power required
  • Overall dimensions
  • Machine weight
  • Minimum working width
  • Diameter of the calibration wheel
  • Diameter of the disc/wheel for grooving/cutting
  • n.
  • n.
  • mm
  • mm/min.
  • l/min.
  • kW
  • mm
  • kg
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • 6/8/10
  • 4
  • 15/100
  • 10/2300
  • 100/120
  • 30/34/38
  • 6/6,5/7 x 2000 x 2000
  • 5500/6000/6700
  • 180/220
  • 200/250
  • 300