This is a fully automated, high-performance edge-polishing machine which is unique in its characteristics. This production line equipment is the result of the union of the flat edge polisher and the profiling edge machine.

Thanks to a rotation beam the new KOMBITAURUS has the capability of creating any shape on any kind of material and also fitted with a further oscillating beam it is also able to create the pencil round profile which is now big demanded by the stone masons. The control of all functions and different programs is fully automated and maximum workable thickness on flat edge is 100 mm and 60 mm on when profilling.
Thanks to its versatility KOMBITAURUS can easy make anything from the simple step or window sills up to the kitchen-countertop. The operator can with the ease program on the control panel that is on an arm bracket the whole working phases and thanks to the 10 inches full colour touch screen display, the control of every single steps of each profile becomes really intuitive and easy-to-program, furthermore this machine is equipped also with the semi-automatic function. Thanks to a proven system of more than 30 years, the maintenance of the edge-polishing machine has been reduced to simple adjustments. The air pressure of all polishing wheels is automatic controlled when shaping and it is always possible to regulate the air pressure outlet of each spindle during all processing cycles.
The machine is complete with 8 spindles for profiling and the first one is the rough shaping wheel than the machine has also 7 spindles for flat side polishing with oscillating system to ensure a good granite polishing. No working limits for KOMBITAURUS!

  • Profiling heads
  • Flat polishing heads
  • Bevelling heads
  • Min./Max. profiling thickness
  • Min./Max. facing side thickness
  • Min. working width
  • Calibrator grinding wheel diameter
  • Cutting blade diameter
  • Overall dimensions
  • Machine weight
  • Max. water consumption
  • Max. installed power
  • n.
  • n.
  • n.
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • kg
  • l/min
  • kW
  • 8
  • 7
  • 2+2
  • 15/60
  • 10/100
  • 160
  • 200
  • 300
  • 8500 x 2100 x 2000
  • 9000
  • 180
  • 45